General Details
Founded: By Basic Adam R “Stovepipe” Johnson on July 12, 1887
Included: May 18, 1907
Populace: 6,495
Size: 15.83 square miles
Place: Marble Falls lies in the middle of the Texas Hillside Country on the Colorado River, 58 miles northwest of midtown Austin,85 miles north of San Antonio, in the middle of the Highland Lakes location, the largest chain of lakes in Texas.

Where did the name Marble Falls stem?
Marble Falls sits on the financial institutions of Lake Marble Falls. The drops were developed by a rack of sedimentary rock running diagonally throughout the river from northeast to southwest. The top layer of sedimentary rock, brownish on the exterior, yet deep blue inside, was so difficult and also cherry it was misinterpreted for marble. The drops were really three distinctive developments ahead of a canyon 1.25 miles long, with a decrease of some 50 feet via the sedimentary rock strata. The all-natural lake was covered when the Colorado River was dammed with the conclusion of Max Starcke Dam in 1951. Lake Marble Falls sits between Lake LBJ to the north as well as Lake Travis to the south. The succumbs to which the City is named are currently underwater, however are exposed every few years when the lake is reduced by the Lower Colorado River Authority for repairs.

Residential Property in Burnet Area is evaluated at market price by the Burnet Central Appraisal District. The City of Marble Falls, Burnet Area as well as the Marble Falls Independent Institution Area excluded supplies held for under 175 days and also exported from the State of Texas. This “Three-way Freeport” exception applies to all areas as well as industrial parks in the City of Marble Falls.

Marble Falls location temperatures are moderate year-round. The climate is warm in the summers, however cooled by the lakes and hillsides in the area. Winters are light and exterior activities such as golf as well as tennis can be played throughout the year.

Schools Located in Marble Falls, TX
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